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My name is Chris Angeles and I am a wedding film maker/Story teller. Photography is a constant obsession. I love art, music and coffee! I've been married for eight years and a father of two (Patrice Bianca and Mikel) needless to say is the inspiration of all these. Here you will see my recent work. So, look around and see if I do inspires you.

Today, Chris Angeles Films has grown into a team of dedicated and passionate cinematographers and creative artists who make it their mission to use their talents to tell your unique story.

March 31, 2014

“It is that everything in the universe is a result of predetermined course of events. It is what they call.. Destiny.

Written & Directed by my good friend and mentor Jerome Brua.

February 10, 2014

“Lovestung” The slipper will break midnight will chime and the star that we wish on will fade over time cause growing pains ache, and tempers collide but love like wine will grow sweeter with time.

Jenn & Allan bring out the best in each other. They are both aware that they’re wonderful as individuals but even better together; like peanut butter and jelly or burger and fries – a dynamic duo!


April 18, 2013

Let me just start by saying Aneesha & Milan’s wedding was quite a fun ride. My team & I were in awe of how beautiful the wedding was.

Their 3-day ceremony was really vibrant and ritualistic. There is so much more to see than the gloss & glamour. From the clothes, the food, the dance, to everything in between –it was all a happy blending of Aneesha & Milan.

The love that they have for each other is so bright, brighter than the colors filling up the room of this wonderful Indian wedding. I hope you enjoy watching their wedding film as much as we enjoyed filming it. Shukriya!




Marriott hotel Mission Valley

Admiral Kidd



Aerial shots: 

Henna Specialists:

JD Events

April 7, 2013

Milaneesha is a romantic comedy bollywood film written by the bride and groom themselves. The film stars Aneesha as the beautiful nurse and Milan as the fun, people’s person engineer, along with their friends.The film jumps through their lives as they both search for friendship and love, bumping into each other time and time again. Finally a close friendship blooms between them…will they have a “happy ever after” ending?

This film premiered at their wedding reception.


April 2, 2013
Virgin Islands…as the name implies this place is a paradise. I was so excited when Olive & Nathan told me that their wedding is going to be in a place where I have never filmed before.  It’s been two weeks since we got back from Virgin Islands. I have tried to tell my stories numerous times, but none of my storytelling has done the trip or the beautiful scenery justice. So I am hopeful that this wedding video will give you a glimpse of how beautiful and perfect life could be, one can try to imagine.
The wedding was in Secret Harbour with beautiful, a sun drenched angelic beach. The perfect setting: idyllic, white and fresh.  It was on the most epic of days, with the sunny skies and sunlight glittering on every grain of sand. Olive & Nathan could never be more happy.
Though with my camera stowed, my sandals and memories from Virgin Islands are still alive and kickin’.  My list of “places to go to” has grown after seeing much of the beauty in St. Thomas and St. John, but with much  left to discover!
I really do hope that you enjoy this beautiful wedding in the most beautiful place you can ever imagine!
Music licensed through the
My love will never fail you by Marie HinesVendors:


Ceremony Coordinator: Janelle Scott
Reception Coordinator: Kadesha Carroll
Photography (Virgin Islands)
Photography (San Diego)
Hair Stylist:
Make up artist: Kailey Lam

Ceremony: Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands
Reception: Marina Village, San Diego Ca.
The Dana Hotel & Resort

  • Olive says:

    Love Love Love your wonderful work and creation!!! It was truly a privilege to have worked with such creative and professional folks that can make any bride and groom’s wedding dreams come to life! <3 Much respect.

February 13, 2013

“When she first introduced me to Ross, I hesitated because he was in the navy.” ~ Romarie

Romarie — Justine’s younger and only sister wrote this funny lyrics for Justine & Ross. Instead of writing a traditional speech, she decided to write it through a song. It was one of the memorable and funny moments of Justine & Ross Wedding.

Aside from this amazing speech/singing, Our team was fortunate to have been a part of this beautiful wedding. Justine & Ross chose the lovely Saint Gregory The Great at Scripps Ranch and continued to dance their night away at the Bristol Hotel in Downtown San Diego. The place was elegantly decorated. A perfect setting for the event. It was special and unique and most of all — heartfelt and sincere. Our team would like to congratulate the newly wed couple and we wish them more great memories to look forward to.




Photo Booth by

Photography: people to work with!)

Coordinator: Christian Biscocho & Lendale Tiong

DJ: Ray Manilao


Saint Gregory The Great

The Bristol Hotel

Music: Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson


Check out Justine & Ross SnappBooth Highlights!

J&R Collage



February 6, 2013


When my sister asked me to photograph her and her fiancee Kam (my brother from another mother) I knew right away I had to do it. It was a gratifying moment for me – I love them both!  After years of filming & photographing weddings, it never crossed my mind that I’m gonna be working on my family’s event. This time my not so little sister is engaged!

We headed off to Solana beach to catch the beautiful sunset then hit the railways! It was a gorgeous day in San Diego, perfect beach weather.

Can’t wait for their wedding in September!


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Location: Solona beach, San Diego California